Why Johor

Johor is strategically located in the heart of South East Asia, one of the world’s fastest growing economic region.


  • Area                : 19,210 km2
  • Population     : 3.75 million
  • Workforce     : 1.75 million
  • GDP                 : RM130.5 billion
  • Growth Rate  : 5.6%

Source: 2018 economic data, Department of Statistics Malaysia

Pro-Business Government

The Johor state has a very stable and pro-business government who is constantly looking to partner with investors to bring economic development to the state. The state practices liberal business-friendly policies and has various investment promotion agencies to attract and assist potential local and foreign investors. As a result, the Johor state is one of the highest recipients of investments in the country.

Well-Developed Economic Strength

There are five geographic economic corridors in Malaysia, established by the Federal government to drive the country’s economic growth. Johor is the only state that is home to two economic corridors: Iskandar Malaysia and the East Coast Economic Region, providing high economic growth potential and rapid development which investors can leverage on. In 2018, the Johor state enjoys 5.6% economic growth rate, which is higher than the national rate (4.7%).

Close Proximity to the Large South East Asia Market

The Senai International Airport in Johor is located within a 6-hour flight time of major international cities, which is home to 28% of the world’s population that also accounts for 40% of the world’s economic output. It is also strategically located next to Singapore, a major regional economic and financial hub. This regional market access is further complimented by Johor’s well-developed and maintained network of highways and railways, as well as by the presence of three fully equipped all-year round deep-water seaports: Johor Port, Tanjung Langsat Port and the Port of Tanjung Pelepas, which are serviced by all major shipping lines.

The Tanjung Langsat Port, directly serving the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex (TLIC) is managed and operated by TLP Terminal Sdn Bhd which is part of the Johor Corporation group of companies (www.tlpterminal.com.my).

Lower Cost of Doing Business

Johor has a wide economy base, from low value-adding to high value-adding industries, supported by well-established infrastructure and business eco-system. The cost of doing business is very competitive and is generally 30% lower than Kuala Lumpur and 60% lower than Singapore.

Availability of Educated and Skilled Workforce

Johor has a ready pool of multilingual workforce speaking two or three languages, with most speaking English which facilitates communication at work. Many educated and skilled talents are available in the state and at an affordable cost. This is made possible through the presence of many universities and technical education institutions in the state, offering a comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training including advanced skills training.

One of the most established vocational and industrial training institution in the state is the Johor Skills Development Centre (PUSPATRI) which is part of the Johor Corporation group of companies (www.puspatri.edu.my).

 Excellent Quality Life

Johor is more affordable to live in compared to other developed states/cities in Malaysia and Singapore. Despite being in close proximity to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Johor’s cost of living is respectively 68% and 16% lower than these two cities.

From a safety perspective, the crime rate in the state is below the national average and it is getting increasingly safer as crime rate has been on the constant decline since 2010.

Residents in Johor are also able to enjoy an excellent quality of living through better traffic conditions as compared to other developed states and cities, and also through the presence of quality residential areas, international standard healthcare and education services, including international schools for expatriate children.


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