Why Johor

Strategically located in the heart of South East Asia, one of the world’s fastest growing economic region.

• Political & Social Stability
• Economic Strength
     • Natural resources
     • Low inflation rate
     • Fastest developed state in Malaysia
• Well Developed Infrastructure
     • Network of well-maintained highways and railways
     • Well-equipped seaports and airports
     • All year round deep water sea port
     • High Quality telecommunications network and services
     • Fully developed industrial parks
• Educated Workforce
     • Talented, young, educated and productive workforce
     • Multilingual workforce speaking two or three languages, including English
     • Comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training including advanced skills training.
     • Harmonious industrial relations with minimal trade disputes
Geographical and Locational Advantage
     • Strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia,one of the world’s fastest growing economic region.
     • Within easy access to the rest of the world and is serviced by all major shipping lines.
• Supportive Government Policies
     • Pro-business policies
     • Responsive government
     • Liberal investment policies
     • Attractive tax and other incentives
     • Liberal exchange control regime
• A vibrant Business Environment
     • Market oriented economy
     • well-developed financial & banking sector
     • Wide usage of English especially in business
• Quality of Life
     • Friendly and hospitable Malaysians
     • Safe & comfortable living environment
     • Excellent Educational institutions including international schools for expatriate children.
     • Good recreational and sport facilities
     • Excellent shopping with goods from all over
• Within easy access to the rest of the world and is serviced by all major shipping lines.
• Four all year round deep water sea port.
• Good infrastructure facilities.
• The Existence of Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate and the strong potential of Tanjung Langsat industrial
    complex are the main contributers for the future success.
• Strong institutional support from government department and local authority.
• A stable and far sighted government.
• Young and energetic labour supply with cheap labour cost.

We have a well developed highways transportation facilities and other infrastructure ammenities that conform to international standard.

Digital Telecommunication Network

Special fibre optic cables with ISDN. Offers extensive international connectivity via existing satellite networks. This fibre-optic based network brings the convenience of modern communication technology to industries. Enabling users to build efficient private networks for the transmission of huge amounts of data.

Supporting Industries

Excellent and consistent support from bulky gas chemical suppliers. Striong technical support teams with the ability to maintain and service sophisticated equipment and facilities.

Gas Supply

Malaysia has natural gas reserve of 68 million cu/ft. Malaysia’s gas processing plant has the capacity to produce 7.1 million cu/meters gas per day. Under the Peninsular Gas Utilisation Project, Tanjung Langsat will host further developments in gas utilisation as fuel and feedstock in petrochemical industries, steel plants and chemical industries.

Electrical Supply

Available 24 hours from Tenaga Nasional Berhad with transmission voltages at 257kV, 132kV, and 66kV while distribution voltages at 33kV, 11kV, 6.6kV and 0.415kV and three phase or 0.39kV. Several IPPs will also make their presence here to support the supply.

Port & Warehouse

The local port offers direct access to main shipping routes of the world. 6 berths with a maximumdepth of 13 metres to cater for containers, general and dry bulk cargoes. A special jetty for handling liquid cargo and a hazardous cargo jetty for fuel oil and chemicals. All transport operators provide services for shippers in the free zone. Available warehouse facility in the port.

Research Centres & Specialist Industrial Facilities

Access to the region’s specialist facilities and higher education institution. The University Technology Malaysia or other H.E.I and an established research centre ( SIRIM ) to which companies in the innovation centre and also high-tech industries in the park can relate for technological research and consultation


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