A 302 hectares land in Sedenak Industrial Park has been identified for the development as Sedenak Iskandar Data Hub, a data base centre as announced by Federal Government. This will indirectly put Johor as the next data base centre in Malaysia.
TTSB anticipate that the project will create positive economic spillover and ultimately stimulate job opportunities as well as local and foreign investment to the area.



Johor Corporation has taken a progressive approach towards achieving the state’s goal to transform Johor into an ideal location for investors. With good track record in developing 28 industrial areas all over Johor, Johor Corporation is offering additional option to offer to investors by introducing a new industrial area known as Sedenak Industrial Park.

Sedenak Industrial Park with total area of 700 acres has been designed to cater the integrated development of industrial, commercial, residential, institutions, research and development centre, recreation area and other public amenities and services and supported by a well-planned and efficient infrastructure system to create a conducive environment where the residential and investors can work, rest and live harmoniously. Located within the Iskandar Development Region (IDR), Sedenak Industrial Park is a solution for a shortage of sizeable industrial land in Johor Bahru district which provides huge opportunities for industrial development and growth.


Sedenak Industrial park has been designed to cater to three (3) type of industries namely :-

High-Technology Industries

High-Technology Industries is the main industries to be promoted in Sedenak Industrial Park. An area measuring 250 acres has been allocated in the Park to cater to this type of industries whereby companies operating here shall have the required land size and infrastructure facilities that is vital to the success of their operation.

Small & Medium Industries / Supporting Industries

An area measuring 100 acres has been allocated to cater to the Small and Medium Industries / Supporting Industries. These industries are also vital to the Park as it will accommodate and support the operation of High-Technology Industries as well as Halal Food Industries within the Park. The existence of these industries within the park. The existence of these industries will give competitive advantage to companies operating in the park by enabling them to meet just-in-time requirement, reduce costs and improve quality.

Halal Food Industries

An area measuring 100 acres has been allocated to accommodate upstream and downstream manufacturing activities of Halal Food Industries. The park offer investors tremendous opportunity to capture the increasing demand to Halal products from both the Muslim and non-Muslim community globally. Located strategically within the IDR, this industry will transform the park and its surrounding areas into a Halal Hub.

The relevant government authorities such as JAKIM, JAIJ, SIRIM and MOH will assist in obtaining global Halal Status and also facilitate the implementation of HACCP, GMP and ISO in the Park. These value added services and the business friendly approach will benefit Sedenak Industrial Park.



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