Platinum Business Park


TTSB strive to devise business strategy that provide continuous income to supplement its core business. Among them is Premium Corporate Premises, 14 units of ready built factories in Phase 2 of Pasir Gudang Zone 12B Industrial Area.

Additionally, TTSB through Johor Corporation received a RM30 million grant from Federal Government to develop 30 units of ready built factory in Pasir Gudang Industrial Area to cater for demand from small and medium Bumiputera enterprises. Construction expected to begin in January 2017 and completion by end of 2018.RBF - Booklet_Page_01 RBF - Booklet_Page_02 RBF - Booklet_Page_03 RBF - Booklet_Page_04 RBF - Booklet_Page_05 RBF - Booklet_Page_06 RBF - Booklet_Page_07 RBF - Booklet_Page_08 RBF - Booklet_Page_09 RBF - Booklet_Page_10 RBF - Booklet_Page_11 RBF - Booklet_Page_12 RBF - Booklet_Page_13 RBF - Booklet_Page_14 RBF - Booklet_Page_15 RBF - Booklet_Page_16 RBF - Booklet_Page_17 RBF - Booklet_Page_18 RBF - Booklet_Page_19 RBF - Booklet_Page_20


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