Grand Opening of Bridge Data Centres first phase hyperscale data centre at Sedenak Tech Park

SEDENAK, Oct 20 - Bridge Data Centres (BDC), Nasdaq-listed Chindata Group together with ByteDance, announced the opening of BDC’s first phase hyperscale data centre (MY06) at Sedenak Tech Park (STeP), a Regional Data Center Hub in Johor developed by TPM Technopark, a subsidiary of Johor Corporation (JCorp).

Phase 1 covers the first of the three buildings planned in the 110MW hyperscale data centre project, which spans across 38 acres at STeP. Leveraging on innovative construction and design methods, the construction of the data centre is being completed in record time of approximately 2,200,000 working hours (314 days) since breaking ground in November 2021.

The project received full support and facilitation from the federal and state governments including the Digital Investment Office (DIO), a fully-digital collaborative platform between the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

The Project also received local authority facilitation through the Kulai Fast Lane program of the Kulai Municipal Council, a fast track approval program presently applied to two development areas in Kulai, one of which is the Sedenak Tech Park, a development component of the Ibrahim Technopolis (IBTEC).

The grand opening was graced by the Chief Minister of Johor and other federal & state dignitaries to mark the success of Malaysia as a competitive nation in attracting data centre investment. The country’s aim to attract RM70 billion investments in digitalisation under the MyDIGITAL initiative.

Also present at the event was Datuk Wira Arham Abdul Rahman, Chief Executive Officer of MIDA, who expressed, “We are excited and honoured to have been chosen by Bridge Data Centres and ByteDance as their choice of location for the establishment of this hyperscale data centre venture. MIDA through Digital Investment Office (DIO) and Project Acceleration and Coordination Unit (PACU) have been very supportive of this project since its pre-investment stage right up to the implementation phase.”
“Today's event demonstrates that Malaysia is still the most desirable location in the region for data centre hubs. Supported by the country's vast resources, favourable environment and advancement in digital infrastructure, Malaysia has developed into a mature market for data centres. This illustrates the country's readiness to serve as a regional data centre hub.” added Datuk Wira Arham.

BDC is also the first company with Malaysia Digital status to complete the construction and handover the business-ready hyperscale data centre in 2022. 

“On behalf of MDEC, I would like to congratulate BDC on the opening of Phase 1 of the hyperscale data centre. This facility will increase not only latency and efficiency, but also will help attract other global businesses and investments into the country. It adds to the momentum that we have built with the launch of Malaysia Digital, a new national strategic initiative, which seeks to catalyse the growth of our digital economy,” said Ts. Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of MDEC.

Datuk Sr Akmal Ahmad, Director of JCorp Real Estate & Infrastructure Division who was present at the event conveyed, "Today we celebrate together with BDC and Bytedance on their remarkable journey of firsts at the Sedenak Tech Park (STeP). Their presence here is a strong testament of STeP's ability to succeed as a world class data center hub to serve the country and region."

With the rapid growth of the cloud service providers and digital media, BDC has the full support from the US-based Bain Capital to expand its hyperscale data centre business in the Southeast Asia region. The company will be building another 100 MW of data centre in the next five years across Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Digital Investment Office (DIO), Invest Johor, and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) for their tremendous assistance and support for this project. We look forward to a long-term partnership with the Malaysian government as we expand our business in Malaysia to support our clients.” said Mr. Lim DZ Shing, President of Bridge Data Centres.
ByteDance System Sdn. Bhd, will be the anchor tenant of BDC’s hyperscale data centre with long-term investment commitment in the country. 
"We are excited to partner with BDC in our data centre operations. The commitments we are making today reflect our continued investment into the growth of Malaysia's digital economy. As we continue to provide interconnected online experiences to people across the globe while offering them world-class privacy and security protections, we look forward to working closely with the Malaysia government to expand its data governance leadership globally,” said Teresa Tan, Director of Public Policy, Southeast Asia, ByteDance.

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