New Stadium for Schools at Kampung Parit Nawi in Muar

Stadium Kampung Parit Nawi Muar

MUAR, November 18 – Schools within the region of Kampung Parit Nawi in Muar will be able to enjoy a new stadium which will become a center for all sports activities.

Developed by TPM Technopark Sdn Bhd of Johor Corporation, the stadium has been completed and is handed over today to the State of Johor and the Ministry of Education of Malaysia.

The Stadium, which is built on a 4.27 acres site, will serve 5 schools located within the region. Students, teachers, as well as residents of Kampung Parit Nawi will benefit from an increased sports activity, especially football training and matches, contributing to the overall wellness in the region.

The stadium which has yet to be officially named, has the capacity to accommodate 583 spectators, which will all be covered from rain and shine by a roof.

The modest capacity of the stadium does reflect the modern state of facilities it comes equipped with. In fact, its football field is fitted with an artificial turf imported from Europe, and installed in accordance to Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) standards.

The artificial turf does not need any trimming or irrigation, and will ensure a constant quality of football training sessions and matches played at the stadium.

The Stadium is also built complete with a management office, sports equipment storage rooms, changing rooms and basic amenities such as parking spaces, toilets and waste disposal area.

The handing over ceremony was attended by En. Mahummar Gadaffi Sorilaut Bin Omar, Deputy Director, Johor Federal Development Office; Tn. Hj. Nazarudin Bin Abu Talib, Chief Assistant Director, Planning & Management Sector, Johor State Department of Education; En. Adharizam Bin Adanan, Assistant Director, Planning & Management Sector, Johor State Department of Education; En. Abu Bakar bin Mohd Salleh, Deputy Director, Office of Education of Muar Region (School Management Sector); En. Mansor Bin Hj. Ibrahim, Village Head of Kampung Parit Nawi and En. Fahthul Hedzri bin Mohamed Shukri, Senior Engineer, TPM Technopark Sdn Bhd, Johor Corporation.