Project Development


TPM Technopark provides total project management services, from planning to design, preparation of contract, construction and delivery. We play a vital role as the Project Manager for Johor Corporation Group and the Johor State Development Office (SDO) development projects. Since 2011, TPM Technopark has managed a total of more than 65 development projects valued at RM134.48 million (USD32.25 million).

TPM Technopark also develops Ready Built Factories and Offices:
• IKS Pasir Gudang
• MC-JTP Concept
• POIC Complex
These Ready Built Factories and Offices are available for rental.

IKS Pasir Gudang – 30 Ready Built Factories (RBF)

Developed in 2019, these 30 Units of Ready Built Factory (RBF) are built within a 4.7 acres of gated compound with amenities comprising Canteen and Management Office, Waste Disposal unit, a Guard House and CCTV surveillance. These factories are specifically built for Small & Medium Enterprises (SME).

Number of Units:30 units
Floor Levels:1 level + 1 Mezzanine level
Total Floor Size:2,800 sqft
Tenancy Type:Rental
Rental Rate:RM 3,080/month
Rental Period:3 years


The IKS Pasir Gudang RBF is located at the Kompleks Usahawan IKS Pasir Gudang, Zone 12B Phase 3, Pasir Gudang Industrial Area, conveniently just 5km away from Johor Port and 25km from Johor Bahru city centre.


MC-JTP Concept – Ready Built Factories & Offices


The MC-JTP Concept is built on a Joint Office And Factory concept which is cost saving for Small & Medium Enterprises through the sharing of many common facilities: sewerage treatment, compound lighting, security guard, cleaning services, garbage collection, conference room, reception room, restroom, canteen and complying with authority credentials on local law and regulations.

Number of Units:10 units
Build Up Area:7m X 4m
Total Floor Area:28m2 / 301sqft
Electricity:60 amp (single phase 1-415 volt)
Tenancy Type:Rental
Rental Rate:RM600/month (not inclusive taxes)
Number of Units:9 units
Build Up Area:20m X 50m
Total Floor Area:1000m2 / 10763sqft
Height:min 6m, max 7.310m
Water supply:650 - 4410 GPD
Tenancy Type:Rental
Rental Rate:RM14,000/month
Management Fee:RM4,000/month


The MC-JTP Concept is located within the Pasir Gudang Industrial Area and is just 4km away from Johor Port, 13km from Tanjung Langsat Port and 30km from Johor Bahru city centre.


POIC Complex – Ready Built Factories & Offices


The POIC Ready Built Factories & Offices is an area measuring approximately 277 acres within the Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) area of the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex. The POIC area was built for palm oil related and palm oil downstream activities. This gated and guarded area has 10 units of office space and 7 units of RBF available.

Number of Units:10 units
Build Up Area:8m X 11m
Total Floor Area:88m2 / 947sqft
Electricity:60 amp (3 phase 415 volt)
Tenancy Type:Rental
Rental Rate:RM1,752/month (not inclusive taxes)
Number of Units:7 units
Build Up Area:19m X 45m
Total Floor Area:855m2 / 9203sqft
Height:min 5m, max 7m
Electricity:1 unit - 150amp(3 phase - 415 volt)
Water supply:650 - 4410 GPD
Tenancy Type:Rental
Rental Rate:RM11,043/month

Past Development Projects

Tanjung Langsat Port Terminal

The Tanjung Langsat Port Terminal (TLPT) is a port in the southern of Johor located within reach of major international shipping lines. It serves the nearby Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex and has facilities to handle liquid bulk cargo such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and dangerous chemicals, as well as dry bulk cargo.

Tanjung Langsat Biomass Steam Plant

The Tanjung Langsat Biomass Steam Plant project is part of the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) project and is one of Malaysian government commitment towards renewal energy (RE). The plant uses palm oil biomass to produce steam which powers industries in the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex.

Persada Johor Convention Centre

The architecture of the Persada Johor International Convention Centre is a clear acknowledgement of Johor’s rich cultural heritage. The exterior is embellished with “Khat” Islamic writings, while its unique roof is shaped after the state ruler’s official hat, a symbol of creativity, practicality and nobility. The complex comprises two main levels and two intermediate floors. The upper level houses the Convention Hall while the lower level is designated for the Exhibition Centre.

Kulim Agrotech Centre

The RM20mil Kulim Agrotech Research and Development (R&D) Centre is sprawled over 2.87 hectare in Kota Tinggi, Johor. The centre is owned and managed by Kulim Malaysia Berhad and houses R&D laboratories in the field of palm oil.


JBCC is a multi-development built from the original Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR). The redevelopment of KOMTAR as JBCC has been identified in the Corridor and City Transformation Programme under Tourism Entry Point Project for City Rejuvenation and Revitalisation.